The study of Management seeks to create more effective means of coordinating the efforts of people or teams to effectively accomplish goals and objectives in an organization. In the Raikes School that means giving students the quantitative tools they need to understand markets, model complex systems and behavior, identify and leverage strategic opportunities, make critical and effective decisions, and position organizations for success in an ever-changing marketplace. Supported by business curriculum foundations like Economics, Accounting, and Finance, Management curriculum in the Raikes School focuses on quantitative approaches to business found in the study of complex business systems and the management of innovation.

Coursework in the Management track integrates the foundations of business with business systems and operations as well as advanced topics in quantitative business to give students a holistic view of the factors that influence information-based decision making in organizational contexts. Throughout the curriculum, students learn how to apply the business models they are learning to effectively position teams for success, completing course projects that integrate business and computer science topics to solve real-world problems. They learn to approach problem solving using evidence-based iterative approaches like lean startup; lessons that they can take to the garage or the boardroom. Graduating with a minor or a major in Management, students leave the Raikes School with all of the skills they will need to transform organizations in any discipline or industry.

Students in the Raikes School are instructed by both resident faculty and world-class business faculty from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's College of Business. Whether wanting to learn more about how a logistics company can leverage its technology to reach a broader customer base or how a Fortune 500 can increase employee productivity, students in the Raikes School are never short of an expert who can guide them.

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