RAIK 90: How to Adult

New Senior "Adulting" Seminar: RAIK 90

During the fall 2018 semester, the Raikes School is offering a new class for our senior cohort. Through exit interviews with our past graduating classes and conversations with alumni, we noticed a gap in preparation for life outside of Kauffman and college.

Raikes School graduates are well-equipped to tackle their roles at work due to their internship experiences and our robust curriculum in computing, business, leadership, and more. But what about buying a house, reviewing your offer letter and understanding retirement plan options, or making a career plan beyond your first job out of school? The new RAIK 90 course aims to provide tips and advice from industry professionals and Raikes School alumni to our seniors as they prepare to graduate and navigate the “real world.”

Topics of particular interest to cohort 2015 are:

  • Budgeting and basic personal finance
  • Retirement accounts and investments
  • Managing your credit score
  • Filing taxes
  • Buying a house
  • Insurance (life, car, renters, home owners, etc.)
  • Negotiating salary and benefits (initial offers and raises and promotions)
  • Career planning and graceful exit strategies
  • Managing up – managing your boss and being a rock star employee
  • Personal and professional development strategies
  • Community engagement
  • Personal health and wellbeing

We hope to involve many alumni in this course through in-person presentations and panel discussions, through remote conversations in class, or with students individually outside of class. As alumni, you likely have “I wish I would have known…” stories and have learned some valuable lessons through your life experience that we know our current seniors would appreciate hearing.

If you are comfortable participating in discussions on topics listed above, have contacts you know who could add value to this class, or have ideas for other topics we should include, contact Anna Pressler at anna.pressler@unl.edu or 402-472-9097. We are currently building the syllabus and hope to have course content finalized by mid-August.