Meet Cohort 2018


The Raikes School welcomed 39 new freshmen in the 2018 cohort this fall. These outstanding students were selected from over 205 applicants, the largest applicant pool in Raikes School history. Here are a few notable statistics about cohort 2018:

  • 31% female
  • 44% out-of-state – 9 states represented
    • Nebraska (22)
    • Illinois (5)
    • Kansas (5)
    • Minnesota (2)
    • California (1)
    • Colorado (1)
    • Iowa (1)
    • New Jersey (1)
    • Wisconsin (1)
  • 2 National Hispanic Scholars
  • 9 National Merit Finalists
  • 10 different majors represented across 3 colleges (only indicating primary major)
    • Software Engineering (12)
    • Computer Science (12)
    • Computer Engineering (4)
    • Actuarial Science (3)
    • Biological Systems Engineering (3)
    • Biochemistry (1)
    • Business Administration (1)
    • Marketing (1)
    • Mathematics (1)
    • Mechanical Engineering (1)
  • 3.939 average GPA (on a 4.0 scale)
  • 95.38 average percentile rank
  • 33.90 average ACT (4 perfect scores)

The addition of 39 new freshmen grew the Raikes School to 135 total students. Cohort 2018 began their college experience with the traditional day at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Ropes Course the Friday before classes began. They were also placed into peer mentor groups with two or three sophomore, junior, and senior leaders being paired with two or three freshmen per group. Peer mentor groups communicated through the summer to aid in the transition into college and the Raikes School, completed either an Escape Lincoln challenge room or went bowling on East Campus, and also enjoyed a meal together (outside of Selleck!) during the first four weeks of school.

Cohort 2018 is already excelling both inside and outside the classroom. They’re involved in fraternities and sororities, marching band, Freshman Campus Leadership Associates, club sports, and church groups, among many other clubs and organizations. They are also enjoying the new Raikes School freshmen seminar, RAIK 10, which replaces CSCE 10, ENGR 10, and BSAD 111 as an onboarding course for Nebraska and the Raikes School. RAIK 10 covers topics ranging from resume and career fair preparation to mindfulness and resiliency, aiming to set a foundation for success in college and in life.

We’re excited to see what these outstanding students accomplish during their 4 years in the Raikes School and beyond!