2018-19 Design Studio Recap

2018-19 Design Studio Recap

Over 500 students, industry partners, parents, and faculty attended the Design Studio Showcase at Innovation Campus on Friday, April 19 to celebrate the conclusion of the 2018-19 Design Studio year. This year, 15 companies and non-profits sponsored 17 projects for 101 students, 72 Raikes School students and 29 Design Studio Associates, who gained unparalleled real-world, project management and development experience through the Design Studio capstone.

The list of projects and award winners are below. Also check out the Design Studio Annual Report for detailed information about each project and to see a few more statistics about this past year.

Design Studio Partners and Projects 2018-2019




Develop a web application to analyze and optimize inventory distribution across stores, including data visualizations.

CSG International

Using an existing proof of concept as a starting point, develop machine learning systems to automatically identify errors in generated PDF statements which improve automated quality inspection capabilities.


To research new technologies and provide DMSi with a proof of concept demonstrating how 3D modeling technology can be used to generate warehouse maps quickly and easily.


Build the next generation of interactive interfaces for taking data at rest and putting it into motion using natural language voice commands, artificial intelligence and bots to generate intelligent useful information for the end user.

Gallup A

Develop a new experience for college students discovering CliftonStrengths that gives them transformative developmental discovery, a fun and meaningful journey, and viral network to share their strengths with others.

Gallup B

Provide an upgraded digital learning and coaching environment for more people to experience the power of CliftonStrengths and its impact on living an individual’s best life.


Automatically suggest and generate high-quality highlights that our coaches, athletes, and fans love, starting with soccer and volleyball.


Create an Azure based solution that takes job descriptions and resumes as input and provides a ranking to help identify the best talent for the open positions.

Mutual of Omaha

Developing a machine learning model that can predict user health and provide support to the underwriting process based on human-based Internet of Things (IoT) data.

Nebraska Department of Transportation (NDOT)

Leverage the ability of the Nebraska Transportation Information Portal system to automate generation of a vehicle collision intersection or corridor crash diagram.


Create new types of value added features for PaymentSpring, specifically focusing on analytics and visualizations that make it even easier for our merchants to accept payments and learn more about their organization.

NRC Health

Assess, architect, and implement a Natural Language Generation foundation to be used across the NRC Health Customer Intelligence Platform.


Use image recognition and neural networks to help categorize new inventory items, which will drive improved search results and potential bidders.


Combine 3D space optimization with an intuitive user experience to help fulfillment centers optimally palletize items.

TD Ameritrade

Leverage Natural Language Processing technology to automatically analyze our client survey results to enhance the client experience.

Water for Food A

Expand on work done by previous Design Studio teams to allow real-time data integration, new filtering and dashboard tools, and an app to facilitate data collection and quality control.

Water for Food B

Develop a prototype data logging and management device for irrigation water and energy meters, enabling storing of data, offloading via USB/Bluetooth, and potentially data analysis or visualizations.

Award Winners as selected by Design Studio Faculty and Staff

The Platinum and Gold Project Awards go to the highest performing teams in terms of product produced, sponsor feedback, and overall team dynamics. The Platinum and Gold team Product Managers (PM) and Development Managers (DM) are given the honor of presenting their projects in the Innovation Campus Auditorium to kick off the Design Studio Showcase.

The Intern of the Year is selected for their outstanding individual contribution to a project/team. Interns are current sophomores or freshmen in the Raikes School who apply for and are selected to serve on select teams during the fall or spring (respectively) semester.

All awards were announced at the Design Studio Internal Celebration, held at the Talon Room in Lincoln's Downtown on Friday, April 12. The Internal Celebration is a fun culmination to a year's worth of hard work for our students and coaches.

Platinum winners

Gold winners

Rock stars

Intern winner

Platinum Project: Water for Food B

Project Name: Energy and Water Data Streamer

Students: Karl Shaffer (DM), Emily Wagner (PM), Allison Buckley (Spring), Jared Frenzel, Andy Heck, Marek Kracl, Spencer Nussrallah (Fall), Luke Van Drie (Freshman Intern)

Coach: Nick Ebert (Spreetail)

Gold Project: Nelnet

Project Name: PaymentSpring

Students: Jacob Miller (DM), Cat Nyberg (PM), Spencer Collins, Jared Fuelberth, Josh Kostal

Coach: Ashlyn Slawnyk (Hudl)

Rock Stars

Rock Stars: Allison Inman (TD Ameritrade), Matthew Meacham (NDOT), Vinay Singh (Microsoft)

Intern of the Year

Winner: Matt Vavricek (Spreetail)

Honorable mentions: Jack Sampson (TD Ameritrade), Luke Van Drie (Water for Food B), Ryan Olsen (Gallup B)

Project honorable mentions: Hudl, NDOT, Spreetail, TD Ameritrade

Honorable mentions: Alex Clough (NDOT), Andy Heck (Water for Food B), Ann Pogrebitskiy (Gallup B), Artem Shukaev (Buckle), Catherine Krueger (TD Ameritrade), Gauri Ramesh (Gallup A), Jacob Warner (Spreetail), Jacob Koperski (NDOT), Jessee Zhang (Gallup A), Jessica Smith (TD Ameritrade), Jordan Schmitz (Water for Food A), Sean Fitzgerald (Fiserv), Trent Hoppe (NDOT)

Contact Mark Antonson at mark.antonson@unl.edu or 402-472-7465 with any questions about Design Studio.

Call for Coaches

If you are a professional interested in volunteering to coach a team next year, please visit http://raikes.unl.edu/design-studio-coach.