Summer 2020 Alumni & Student Connections

Cohort 2016 Seattle

While Raikes School students are finishing the semester remotely, many are still gearing up for internships at a variety of companies across the United States. With some internships moving remote and with the added stress of moving to new locations in this uncertain time, our students would appreciate some friendly connections with you!

If you are interested in connecting with current students interning at your company or located in your area, check out the list of companies and cities where our students plan to work and complete the interest form, both linked below. 

Current Student Internship Companies & Locations

Alumni Company/City Information

Save the date! Depending on the status of the COVID-19 pandemic, we tentatively have alumni and current student gatherings planned in the following locations:

  • San Francisco Bay Area the evening of Wednesday, July 29
  • Seattle the evening of Thursday, July 30

We also have many students whose internships, education abroad, or other summer plans have been canceled but they are eager to continue building their skills and gaining experience this summer. If you or your company have opportunities for shadowing or full summer or short-term internships, or if current students could assist you with side projects, contact Anna Pressler, Director of Recruitment and Student Success, at or 402-472-9097 to share details and we will put you in touch with our students.