Robert Mackalski

Assistant Professor of Practice


Robert Mackalski is a marketing and branding specialist. He focuses on creating marketing and branding strategies in high growth companies. Prior to receiving his Ph.D. in branding from McGill University, Robert co-founded and led the sales and marketing efforts of the e-commerce company, Peachtree Network, and took it public. Robert splits his time among teaching, case writing, academic research on branding, and in support of organizations through advisory work.

Selected Publications
  • Dellar, Mary, Robert Mackalski, Nicolette Papastefanou, and Marc Ducusin, “Cunningham’s Pub: Halle-Lujah for Wings,” Ivey Business School Case W25213, May 2022.
  • Mackalski, Robert, Marc Ducusin, Jake Sinclair and Alana D’Amico, “Dancing with the Stars: Denitsa Ikonomova,” Ivey Business School Case 9B20A067, July 2020.
  • Mackalski, Robert, Marc Ducusin, Marika Lapointe, and Emma Clayton, "Aliments Fody: Pour Croquer Dans la Vie," Ivey Business School Case 9B19AF002, February 2019.
  • Mackalski, Robert, Marc Ducusin, Marika Lapointe, and Emma Clayton, "Fody Foods: Eating Life to the Fullest," Ivey Business School Case 9B19A002, January 2019.
  • Britton, Rob, Robert Mackalski, Mary Dellar, and Mary Towers, "Intelligent Avionics: Breaking Into the Inflight Entertainment Industry." Ivey Business School Case 9B18A067, December 2018.
  • Mackalski, Robert, Alfred Jaeger, Marc Ducusin, and Phoebe Balshin, "Birks: The Sparkle of a Cherished Brand." Ivey Business School Case 9B18A014, February 2018.
  • Mackalski, Robert and Marc Ducusin, "Sante Au Naturel: Healthy to the Core." Ivey Business School Case 9B17A069, December 2017.
  • Mackalski, Robert, Delaney Brown, and Marc Ducusin, "Sportif MAA: 保持领先地位." Ivey Business School Case 9B17C046, August 2017. (Chinese version)
  • Mackalski, Robert, Delaney Brown, and Marc Ducusin, "Club Sportif MAA: Staying Ahead of the Game." Ivey Business School Case 9B17A046, August 2017.
  • Alvarez, Jose B., Robert Mackalski and Andrew Otazo, “Chilli Beans: Peace, Love, and Sunglasses.” Harvard Business School Case 516-020, March 2016.
  • Mackalski, Robert and Jean-Francois Belisle, “Measuring the Short-Term Spillover Impact of a Product Recall on a Brand Ecosystem.” Journal of Brand Management, August 2015.
  • Alvarez, Jose B., Robert Mackalski, Annelena Loeb, and Lisa Mazzanti. "Lufa Farms." Harvard Business School Case 514-008, October 2013.
Clifton Strengths
Achiever People exceptionally talented in the Achiever theme work hard and possess a great deal of stamina. They take immense satisfaction in being busy and productive
Maximizer People exceptionally talented in the Maximizer theme focus on strengths as a way to stimulate personal and group excellence. They seek to transform something strong into something superb.
Positivity People exceptionally talented in the Positivity theme have contagious enthusiasm. They are upbeat and can get others excited about what they are going to do.
Belief People exceptionally talented in the Belief theme have certain core values that are unchanging. Out of these values emerges a defined purpose for their lives.
Includer People exceptionally talented in the Includer theme accept others. They show awareness of those who feel left out and make an effort to include them.