Cody Ebberson

Cody Ebberson
The Raikes School’s curriculum puts graduates on an even footing with the best engineers in the country from Harvard to Stanford to MIT. Cody Ebberson, Raikes School Class of 2004

The Raikes School is a competitive place. Nobody knows that better than Cody Ebberson.

“I was not accepted into the Raikes School my freshman year. I went to Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology instead. I wanted to attend the Raikes School but it was too prestigious. I thought the program was awesome. I liked the people. I liked the business technology integrated curriculum. I was all in—but I didn’t get accepted.”

Fortunately, things have a way of working themselves out. Because following Cody’s freshman year at Rose-Hulman, Cody reapplied and was accepted into the Raikes School.

“Despite being at a top ranked engineering program, I was concerned that I was ‘missing out’ of the more well-rounded Raikes School education. I wanted that integrated business technology experience. It was something that really captured my imagination.”

Following his graduation in 2004, Cody was hired by Microsoft to be one of the founding engineers on the Microsoft Virtual Earth team—now known as Bing Maps. After three years at Microsoft, Cody left to attend Harvard Business School where he received his MBA in strategy, technology, and entrepreneurship. Next came roles at 24/7 Radiology, an international teleradiology provider, and Numenta, an artificial intelligence research and development group. In 2012, Cody started his own company—MedXT, a firm providing big data and analytic solutions for medical imaging groups. And then in 2014, MexXT was acquired by Box.

“We live in an increasingly competitive world and it’s harder than ever to distinguish yourself. The Raikes School provided a number of experiences that gave me an edge. In particular, my time as a Design Studio team leader prepared me for the challenges of managing a team of people. It helped me secure a lead position at Microsoft within my first year.”

Ten years later, Cody looks back fondly on his Raikes School experience. “The Raikes School was a transformative experience that set me up for a successful career in technology leadership. I joined the Raikes School back when the program was just beginning because I believed in a vision of a new paradigm of education—a radical idea of cross training students in business and technology.”

“The vision is coming to life. And the radical idea doesn’t seem so radical anymore. I’m proud to have been a part of the Raikes School’s past. I’m inspired by the students of today. And I’m very excited to see what the future holds for the next generation of Raikes School graduates.”