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Design Studio

In Design Studio, we integrate agile engineering processes, lean business development, and interdisciplinary design thinking into an iterative process for problem solving and product development - our unique brand of innovation. Our iterative development methodologies lead to the development of robust software products that address real problems and provide elegant solutions. Throughout the process, Design Studio teams are mentored by industry professionals from the community, helping teams more effectively communicate, overcome technical challenges, and drive innovation for their partners.

As the capstone program in the Raikes School, Design Studio integrates concepts from our unique computer science and business curriculum, reinforcing core concepts through 4 semesters of hands on learning. Students gain a head start in their careers by participating in product development teams, working with real clients to understand complex business requirements, and developing innovative solutions to wicked problems. The studio model ensures that, prior to graduation, each student in the Raikes School has gained the valuable experience of participating in the full software product development life cycle - from inception of the concept to deployment for the solution.

Design Studio Annual Report

Endless Opportunity for Students

Create innovative applications and business processes to solve real-world problems

Gain valuable experience working with industry leaders in self-organizing teams

Develop a greater understanding of how business and computer science are used in companies

Work on a real software development project to develop strong project management skills prior to graduating

Form key networking contacts with top local and national companies.

Earn college credit while working with cutting edge technology to complete real software projects

Industry Partnerships

Design Studio serves as a connection point between academia and industry, creating a unique opportunity for our partners to engage some of the brightest minds on campus and leverage the value of a Big 10 research institution. Each year Design Studio engages industry partners who provide complex problems for which our student teams develop software solutions using industry best practices in software engineering and business development. This year, teams in Design Studio are completing the following projects:

Advanced Premium Billing Mobile App

Develop a mobile application for WEX Health Cloud that provides an enhanced consumer experience by providing increased mobile functionality.

Better Than Cloud Storage: Scaling BuilderTREND's File Architecture
Explorable scalable and affordable opportunitites to support unlimited cloud storage for BuilderTREND's customers.
Build A Startup
Develop web and mobile applications to facilitate property management and communication between tenants and landlords.
Data Visualization Tool To End Youth Homelessness
Develop an online platform to support communication and coordination of efforts to end youth homelessness across the country, including a dynamic and interactive map.
Distributed Kinect-Based Automated Animal Health Tracking System

Develop a platform to benefit producers, consumers, livestock, and the environment by automating the process of monitoring animals. 

Mobile Expense Capture
Develop a mulit-platform mobile application to provide an easy way to capture receipts and create expense lines as they incur.
The Fiserv team is developing a proof of concept system for incorporating biometric identities within a bank. Specifically, we are working around the use case of a bank teller needing to complete a high risk transaction that requires a manager’s approval. The aim is to demonstrate how this workflow can be made more secure and efficient through the creation of a web portal and mobile app (iOS) that incorporates the use of biometric identities like fingerprint scanning, voice recognition, and facial recognition.
Extensible UAV Interface

Create an interface to allow show drone trajectories and geo-fences, as well as present dynamic data from one or more drones.

Fulfilling Project
Develop a solution to a team-identified ineffeciency in the Spreetail warehouse.
Giving Day
Create an open-source software solution that allows nonprofit community foundations to organize and conduct giving days.
Hudl Lacrosse
Extend Hudl to accomdate the sport of Lacrosse with the ability to onboard 10,000 teams in the following year.
Internal Transfers Project

Rethink the internal tools and interactions an associate must go through to process a customer request.

Learn .NET Core

Develop a series of interactive tutorials for the browser to introduce developers to the .NET Framework and .NET Core.

Legal Outcomes and Public Accountability Data Visualizer

Create an open-source public accountability module for legal case management. Connect to backend system and provide aggregate information about cases.

NET Grants Management Project
Replace the grant application and management system to provide a better experience for citizens submitting grant applications via the web.
Online Agricultural Data Management System
Develop a tool to collect and store information from irrigated and rainfed farms.
Racing App

Develop an mobile application as an allinclusive place for fans and drivers to lookup past results, future events, point standings, and live event information.

Site Review

Create a real-time live website feedback tool to improve communication between Flywheel's designers and the customer.

Underwriting Decision Engine

Develop rules and analytics engine to serve as a foundational step to automate the application process for Medicare Supplement, the core product for Mutual of Omaha.

UNL Learning Technology Academy
Develop an instructional video game for the educational technology market.
Student Management System
Extend last year's project to schedule and management student courses with additional student management functionality, enhancing the user experience, and develop a commercially viable solution.
Video Marketing Platform
Create a system that integrates with Sandhills existing infrastructure to create promotional videos from static photos with text overlay.
Virtual Display of Beef Carcass Anatomy
Create a website that deploys close to fifty 3D scans and annotations using Sketchfab and 3.js

Industry Collaboration

Students in Design Studio learn not only from top practitioner faculty, but also from industry leading experts. Whether it is a local software executive who gives a guest lecture on enterprise architecture or a CEO who coaches a Design Studio team, students regularly interact with and learn from top industry professionals. Regular collaboration between faculty, students, and industry partners creates an ecosystem unique to Design Studio that drives innovation at all levels. Through that collaboration, students and their teams are making big things happen every day.

Students in Design Studio not only learn from industry leaders, they innovate with them. Every year our students are developing new concepts, sharing creative ideas, enriching our partner organizations, and becoming members of their team.

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