Colby Thomson
Entrepreneur and Investor

Cameron Colby Thomson was a graduate of the second class of the Raikes School in 2004 in Computer Science, and 2005 MBA. While in the program, as part of its design studio, he co-founded the Raikes School's first startup, Allied Strategy, along with fellow Raikes Students Jeff Runyan and Britton Nielsen, as Managing Partner. Allied Strategy founded and incubated pro-consumer insurance and healthcare comparison software companies, SEMCAT, acquired by Applied Systems in 2015, and Honest Policy, inc, where Thomson served as CEO. Allied Strategy also incubated and helped build Clear Health Costs with New York Times editor Jeanne Pinder and co-founded non-profit startup incubator Turbine Flats in 2007 which has housed and incubated dozens of startups including Raikes School startup Hudl. Shortly after graduating Thomson served as Director of Strategy at the Machine Intelligence Research Institute, and as a founding advisor at Singularity University. He is an open source advocate and board member of Open Source Ecology, and a human rights activist and board member of the Human Rights Foundation in New York. He is an impact investor focusing on science based impact investments, and serves as a partner at Social Impact Capital. He runs a small foundation, Good Ancestor, which focuses on long term thinking and the arts.