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Design Studio

In Design Studio, we integrate agile engineering processes, lean business development, and interdisciplinary design thinking into an iterative process for problem solving and product development - our unique brand of innovation. Our iterative development methodologies lead to the development of robust software products that address real problems and provide elegant solutions. Throughout the process, Design Studio teams are mentored by industry professionals from the community, helping teams more effectively communicate, overcome technical challenges, and drive innovation for their partners.

As the capstone program in the Raikes School, Design Studio integrates concepts from our unique computer science and business curriculum, reinforcing core concepts through four semesters of hands on learning. Students gain a head start in their careers by participating in product development teams, working with real clients to understand complex business requirements, and developing innovative solutions to wicked problems. The studio model ensures that, prior to graduation, each student in the Raikes School has gained the valuable experience of participating in the full software product development life cycle - from inception of the concept to deployment for the solution.

Endless Opportunity for Students

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Create innovative applications and business processes to solve real-world problems

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Gain valuable experience working with industry leaders in self-organizing teams

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Develop a greater understanding of how business and computer science are used in companies

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Work on a real software development project to develop strong project management skills prior to graduating

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Form key networking contacts with top local and national companies.

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Earn college credit while working with cutting edge technology to complete real software projects

Industry Partnerships

Design Studio serves as a connection point between academia and industry, creating a unique opportunity for our partners to engage some of the brightest minds on campus and leverage the value of a Big 10 research institution. Each year Design Studio engages industry partners who provide complex problems for which our student teams develop software solutions using industry best practices in software engineering and business development. This year, teams in Design Studio are completing the following projects:

Sponsor Project
The logo of ALLO Communications LLC
Compliant Resolution

Help ALLO level up our resolution process to be industry leading by starting at our customer and working backwards.

The logo of Beacon Drones

Developing an autonomous, non-GPS reliant drone system for bridge inspections.

The logo of Center for People in Need
Reverse Job Fair

Help remove barriers to employment by helping the Center for People in Need build a unique job platform.

The logo of DMSi
Item Standardization Using Artificial Intelligence

Streamline the future of the building materials supply chain with artificial intelligence.

The logo of Dyslexico

Leverage machine learning technology to provide seamless spelling and grammar corrections that are tailored to the Dyslexic mind.

The logo of Farm Credit Services of America
AG Sustainability Profiler

Visualize dynamic geospatial data science calculations through a modern web app.

The logo of First National Bank of Omaha

Monty helps small business owners take control of their day-to-day finances so that they can focus on their own personal vision of success.

The logo of Fiserv
Cybertrust Service Framework for Account Holder Managed Consent

Building a secured consent platform, UX experiences, and immutable ledger database for creating secure interactions between Fiserv financial institutions, account holders, and fintech applications.

The logo of Hudl
Athletic Director Experience

Make Hudl a must-have tool for athletic directors to use to find insights into their athletic programs and connect with their coaches, athletes and fans.

Kiewit Logo
Confined Spaces Rover

Help Kiewit keep people safe by creating a rover that can explore confined spaces so that humans don't have to!

The logo of Medical Solutions
Predictive Staffing

Using machine learning to predict future healthcare staffing needs to improve patient care.

The logo of Mutual of Omaha
Persistent Customers

Identify life insurance customers that are likely to leave us and assist with implementing pilots to help save them.

The logo of Nebraska School Activities Association
Web 2.0

Improve upon solution for a more efficient system of maintaining high school registration, eligibility, rosters, contacts, reports, and archives.

The logo of Nelnet

Enable Consumer Services to continue to grow by allowing lender information to be easily accessible and low-cost to maintain.

The logo of Olsson
Project ZeroDelta

Project ZeroDelta accelerates the modeling of the real world in digital space.

The logo of Signature Performance
Contact Center AI Sentiment Analysis

Data visualization of sentiment analysis to monitor and assist calls with veterans.

The logo of Speedway Motors
Inbound Shipping Management and Pick Location Optimization

Improving the visibility of inbound inventory and optimizing its placement at our distribution center locations.

The logo of Spreetail
Inventory Verification

The focus of this project is to provide a way to know the true state of inventory within a fulfillment center.

The logo of tapp
tapp Baseball

Developing a native application that coaches and players can use to evaluate player performance.

The logo of Union Bank & Trust
Bank Location Predictor

Help us understand what variables determine bank branch placement and closure.

Students and partners working together

Industry Collaboration

Students in Design Studio learn not only from top practitioner faculty, but also from industry leading experts. Whether it is a local software executive who gives a guest lecture on enterprise architecture or a CEO who coaches a Design Studio team, students regularly interact with and learn from top industry professionals. Regular collaboration between faculty, students, and industry partners creates an ecosystem unique to Design Studio that drives innovation at all levels. Through that collaboration, students and their teams are making big things happen every day.

Students in Design Studio not only learn from industry leaders, they innovate with them. Every year our students are developing new concepts, sharing creative ideas, enriching our partner organizations, and becoming members of their team.

Ready to innovate with us?