The Jeffrey S. Raikes School of Computer Science and Management is a unique program developing world-class innovators and leaders through an interdisciplinary computer science and business management honors education.

Nothing will better prepare you for the future of business than the Raikes School experience at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln. If you are interested in being a part of the Raikes School at Nebraska, request more information, if you're ready, apply online. Our selection process begins with your application, which is part of the online application to Nebraska. Students accepted into the Raikes School may receive a scholarship that covers meals and housing in the Kauffman Residential Center and students are also part of the University Honors Program, which provides a book scholarship.

Raikes School students are selected from the nation's top high school graduates. The average ACT score for a student at the Raikes School is a 33.5 (SAT a 1480 for combined two tests of Critical Reading and Math).

Scholarship Program Information

Students admitted to the Raikes School may receive up to a 4-year renewable room and board scholarship applied only to the cost of room and board in the Kauffman Center.


What else is there to know

about the Raikes School?


All Raikes School students live in the Kauffman Center

  • Suite-style rooms
  • Technology-enabled classrooms and faculty/staff offices on the first floor
  • Community atmosphere within a large university setting

Raikes School students have great scholarship opportunities

  • Students may receive scholarships to cover a portion of their housing and meal expenses over four years
  • Raikes School students are highly competitive for tuition scholarships. Typical tuition scholarships include National Merit Chancellor's, Regents, Beadle, or other tuition granting scholarships

Design Studio is the capstone educational experience of the Raikes School

Student teams partner with a regional or national business on a year-long project. The project involves design, implementation, and testing phases. The result is an innovative software-based solution that satisfies the business’s requirements.

In Design Studio, students:

  • Create innovative applications and business processes to solve real-world problems
  • Gain valuable experience working with companies through self-governing teams
  • Gain a more accurate view of a corporate structure
  • Form key networking contacts with top executives from local and national companies
  • Develop teamwork, leadership, project management, and communication skills

Design Studio clients have included Microsoft, Kiewit, Mutual of Omaha, Hudl, Spreetail, and many others. For more information, visit the Design Studio information page.

Tips for Success

The best thing you can do when applying for admittance to the Raikes School is to be yourself! Some things that we have observed that help students succeed in the Raikes School include:

  • Take at least one year of calculus from your high school, a university, or a community college so you will be well prepared for advanced mathematics when you start at Nebraska.
  • Take an object-oriented programming class, or engage in self-study, so you can find out if you enjoy computer programming.
  • Take business courses from your high school, a university, or a community college. Understanding of basic business concepts covered by accounting and economics courses will help you determine your interest in business.
  • Pursue a challenging senior year by taking advanced or honors classes, including Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), or courses from a community college. Challenging courses show your commitment to academics and prepare you for the rigor of the Raikes School and college in general.
  • Seek leadership roles in student organizations to learn more about your own strengths for leading. The Raikes School looks for students who understand the value of building leadership skills.
  • Look for opportunities, like employment, clubs, or school organizations, that will enhance your technical and/or business skills to put your skills to test in a real-world environment. The Raikes School looks for demonstrated experience in and passion for computer science and/or business.

Applicant Selection Criteria

  • Academics: test scores, GPA, class rank, academic rigor
  • Oral and written communication skills
  • Business and/or computer programming experience
  • Leadership and service experience



  • August through November


    Applications are available August 1st and must be submitted by November 15. Late applications are accepted if space is available.

    Apply Now

  • November through December


    Applications are reviewed and interview candidates are selected.

  • January and February


    Interviews are conducted with selected candidates.

  • February through April


    Selected students receive offers from the Raikes School along with notification of any Raikes School scholarship award.

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