Raikes School students are required to complete all core courses listed below in sequence and for a grade. The Raikes School's curriculum provides graduates with a well-rounded education in computer science, business, data science, leadership, and communications and supplements the major-specific curriculum students receive most frequently from the College of Arts and Sciences, College of Business, or College of Engineering. Most students will fill each semester to 15-18 credit hours with Raikes School courses, major-specific requirements, and general education requirements. The grid below shows only Raikes School courses students will take each semester with their cohort. 

Fall SemesterSpring Semester

Semester 1

RAIK 163H Innovation Processes 3
RAIK 183H Computer Science I 4
RAIK 10 Freshman Seminar 0

Semester 2

RAIK 181H Accounting 4
RAIK 182H Economics 4
RAIK 184H Computer Science II 4
RAIK 185H Foundations of Leadership I 1

Semester 3

RAIK 341H Marketing 3
RAIK 283H Software Engineering III 4
RAIK 270H Statistics and Applications 3

Semester 4

RAIK 381H Finance 3
RAIK 284H Software Engineering IV 3
RAIK 370H Data Science Fundamentals 3
RAIK 186H Foundations of Leadership II 1

Semester 5

RAIK 401H Design Studio I 3

Semester 6

RAIK 371H Business Analytics 3
RAIK 402H Design Studio II 3
RAIK 372H Business Law & Ethics 3

Semester 7

RAIK 403H Design Studio III 3
RAIK 40 Senior Seminar 0

Semester 8

RAIK 404H Design Studio IV 3
RAIK 476H Business Policies and Strategies 3

The Raikes School course sequence will meet ACE outcomes 2, 3, 6, 8, and 10.