computer science
computer science

Unlocking problem-solving potential with computational theory, software design and development, and data analytics

Computer Science is the study of the theory of computation, the design of computational systems, and the application of computational methods to problem solving. In the Raikes School, we focus our Computer Science curriculum on the development and understanding of applied approaches to computation and software development. Incorporating agile development methodologies and grounded in rigorous computational theory, our curriculum integrates an understanding of analytical models and quantitative methods found in data science with industry best-practices and modern approaches to the design and development of complex software systems.

Students in the Raikes School will complete a challenging curriculum that includes courses in theoretical Computer Science, data science, and software engineering and will graduate with the skills needed to compete in a highly competitive technology-driven marketplace, having earned a major or minor in Computer Science. Our innovative computer science curriculum prepares students for careers will beyond software development by giving them the tools they need to leverage the power of software, computational thinking, and management to solve problems in every field imaginable.

The Computer Science curriculum in the Raikes School has been developed in collaboration with faculty in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering. Between the resident CS faculty in the Raikes School and our partner faculty from Computer Science and Engineering, students are instructed by the brightest computational minds on campus and leaders their respective professional and academic fields, from software engineering to computational complexity and everything in between.

Computer Science Curriculum
Computer Science I
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Data Science I
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Software Engineering I
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