In August 2020, the Raikes School was excited to welcome three new faculty and staff to our team.

FirestoneJustin Firestone is an Assistant Professor of Practice who completed his Ph.D from Nebraska in 2020. Dr. Firestone also holds B.A.s in Latin, Economics, and Computer Science, a M.A. in Classics, a M.S. is Computer Science, and a J.D. in Law. Firestone’s interdisciplinary research focuses on the intersection of computer science, synthetic biology, and regulatory frameworks, including how traditional software engineering principles could apply to synthetic biology. In addition to teaching core Raikes School courses, Firestone teaches Cyberlaw at the University of Nebraska College of Law.

MackalskiRobert Mackalski, Assistant Professor of Practice, is a marketing and branding specialist. He focuses on creating marketing and branding strategies in high growth companies. Prior to receiving his Ph.D in branding from McGill University, Mackalski co-founded and led the sales and marketing efforts of the e-commerce company, Peachtree Network, and took it public. Robert splits his time among teaching, case writing, academic research on branding, and in support of organizations through advisory work.

KraclMarek Kracl is the Assistant Director of Design Studio. Prior to joining the Raikes School, Marek was a Product Manager and Full Stack Development Engineer at Compass North in Lincoln, NE. Prior to earning his B.S. in Computer Science and Mathematics from Nebraska, Kracl served as a Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps. While at Nebraska, Kracl was an Associate on the 2018-2019 Design Studio Platinum Project working with Water For Food.