Hudl founders
The Raikes School is unlike anything I’ve seen. You’re surrounded by incredibly smart, highly motivated people and you’re exposed to an amazing network of alumni, advisors, and potential employers. David Graff, Raikes School Class of 2005

David Graff has two great passions in life—sports and technology. In 2004, those passions landed David, then a Raikes School student, an internship working for the University of Nebraska’s Sports Information Department, assisting with football stats and recruiting. While there, David was able to see firsthand the inefficiencies and pain points coaching staffs can experience with their video processes.

Back at Kauffman, David examined these shortcomings with his neighbors and Raikes School classmates, Brian Kaiser and John Wirtz. Together, the three friends saw an opportunity.

They immediately began working together to create a solution that addressed all of the coaching staff’s issues. Following months of work, David, John, and Brian presented their solution—dubbed “Hudl”—to the football coaching staff. They loved it. It was 2006 and Hudl had their first paying client.

Today, Hudl works with approximately 20,000 clients worldwide, offering web-based video analysis and coaching tools to 10 NFL teams, eight NHL teams, two NBA teams, 83 Division I college football teams, and 80% of the nation’s high school football teams. They are the unparalleled leader in the sports video analysis realm. And according to David, their success can be immediately traced back to their time at the Raikes School.

“The Raikes School, specifically Design Studio, was extremely valuable in helping us make the transition to running a company directly from college. We learned a lot about handing real-world projects, managing timelines, and delivering for customers. Also, I think the connections were incredible, both through the alumni network and the Board of Advisors. There were a lot of people we were able to lean on for advice in getting a business together—people who’ve had a lot of success.”

Since graduating in 2006, David has stayed in close connection with the Raikes School by employing a number of Raikes School graduates and interns, as well as becoming involved with the Design Studio process as a sponsor organization on three occasions. “We think the value is there for our business. It’s a great opportunity to interact with potential hires and get your name high on the mind of the juniors and seniors in the program.”