Seeking Alumni Volunteers


The Raikes School hopes to get more alumni involved in planning future alumni gatherings, selecting future Raikes School students, and engaging current students with alumni through mentorship and networking events. Therefore, we would like to gather a group of go-to alumni who are willing to help in each of these areas.


Alumni Gatherings

We have alumni located all over the U.S. and world and we want to help you connect with each other and stay engaged with Nebraska and the Raikes School. Volunteers in this area may be asked to share feedback through the planning process of alumni reunions on campus or elsewhere and help us spread the word to their cohort and other near cohorts to encourage attendance.


Student Recruitment

As the Raikes School’s brand continues to grow, we are receiving larger numbers of applications from prospective students. Our alumni can be wonderful brand ambassadors to share information about the Raikes School in their communities to grow our applicant pool even more. Alumni can also provide feedback on prospective students in their areas or possible schools or community programs we should target in our recruitment efforts. We had four recent alumni help in the interview process this year and their participation and feedback took our recruitment and selection process to the next level, we want to continue this trend.


Student-Alumni Engagement

Our students are eager to connect with alumni to learn more about how to make the most of their college experience, companies to consider for internships and jobs, best practices through the internship and job selection process, when/if they should explore graduate school, and how to transition into the “real-world.” Our Raikes School Student Advisory Board is always looking for contacts who are willing to serve as mentors, speak remotely or in person to student groups, and help organize student-alumni social events in various cities when students are at their internships or when recent graduates are transitioning into their new communities.


If you are interested in being part of our go-to network of alumni volunteers, please complete this google form. We are also open to other ideas for alumni engagement, please share your ideas on the form too, or email Anna Pressler at