Raikes School Curriculum

Beginning in Fall 2016, all Raikes School students are required to take all of the core courses in sequence and for a grade. The required classes are shown in the table below. Raikes School students admitted prior to Fall 2016 should contact an advisor for information about required courses for their cohort.

Fall SemesterSpring Semester
CSCE 196H Innovation Processes 3
RAIK 183H Computer Science I 4
RAIK 185H Foundations of Leadership I 1
RAIK 181H Accounting 4
RAIK 182H Economics 4
RAIK 184H Computer Science II 4
RAIK 188H Communications 1
RAIK 341H Marketing 3
RAIK 283H Software Engineering III 3
RAIK 270H Statistics and Applications 3
RAIK 282H Finance 3
RAIK 383H Software Engineering IV 3
RAIK 220H Business Writing 3
RAIK 370H Data Science Fundamentals 3
RAIK 371H Principles of Management Science 3
RAIK 401H Design Studio I 3
RAIK 186H Foundations of Leadership II 1
RAIK 402H Design Studio II 3
RAIK 382H Business Law 3
RAIK 403H Design Studio III 3
RAIK 404H Design Studio IV 3
RAIK 476H Business Policies and Strategies 3

The Raikes School course sequence will meet ACE outcomes 1, 2, 3, 6, 8, and 10.